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Going Backless

How awesome is this backless little number from the Kendall + Kylie collection released this spring? I ordered this recently from Nordstrom thinking I’d give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. Naturally, when searching a link to share with you I found out that is has been massively discounted. Isn’t that always the way?  Anyway, I have to hand it to those girls – they really produced a good collection. I can’t stop thinking about what I was doing when I was their age… certainly not running a multimillion dollar empire, but that’s beside the point. The collection is full of luxe fabrics and graphic prints, and it seems to me the pieces are cut really well. There’s another top I’ve got my eye on currently… probably will be doing another late night online shop when I should be sleeping. You know, the usual.

Really loving the big silk tie at the back. It’s that sort of unique detailing that really attracts me to certain pieces. In order to avoid making this too dressy for our casual dinner out tonight I paired it with black jeans and heels. Love the mix of dressy with casual; it’s all about balance.

Have you checked out the Kendall + Kylie collection? Leave your comments below!




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