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TGIF everyone… I don’t know about you but this week really handed it to me. Summer always blows by as is, but toss in some fun days and late nights during the Calgary Stampede and BAM! It’s the end of July. Hence some comfy, casual weekend wear.

Hubs has up and left me for the weekend and I have a rare moment with nothing planned – no weddings, no engagement parties, no birthdays; I hardly know what to do with myself. So naturally I’ve scheduled a ridiculous amount of errands and tasks that have fallen to the wayside since summer began. One project is an overhaul of our home office. More on this project later when I can give you the full before & after, but suffice it to say it’s a beast.

I’m looking forward to getting some things accomplished and catching up at home. If that isn’t a sign of how busy things have been…being a hermit has become desirable.

So, this weekends’ uniform? Baggy sweater, baggy jeans, messy hair, sunnies (duh), and some borderline stripper heels because I think they are the bees knees. Thanks Aldo – I saw these in the store window and veered right on in to buy them. Who doesn’t want a mixed-metallic-shiny-block-heel? Get them here.

Hope you enjoy your weekends and max out on whatever it is your after, whether that’s being a recluse like me, or letting loose in the real world.




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