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Weekend DIY Office Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand messy spaces when I’m trying to work. Not only do I find it super distracting (my OCD traits come out big time and I feel compelled to tidy), but I find it also stifles my creativity. I work best with natural light, clean lines and a place for everything. Hit the dusty trail, clutter. Hence why I am sharing my weekend DIY office makeover!

Now, when Hubs and I moved into our place a year almost a half ago the office was his one room to handle. I enjoy decorating and took on the rest of the house, but I didn’t want to do the office. At. All. This is because Hubs is a lawyer (think files upon files upon files… ). I was terrified I would throw something out by accident with my purge-happy hands.

Anyway, sentimental-keeper-of-items that he is (we don’t use the word ‘hoarder’) the office didn’t get much love.  So I took it upon myself during a rare weekend home alone to give our office a big facelift. It’s still needs a lot of work, but the overall feeling I get in here now is positive one, as opposed too a desire to run screaming. Yay to progress.

Here is the before for comparison (hideous, I know):

Okay, let’s move on now that you’ve got that image in your head. A huge plus for this project is that I used mostly Ikea products, making it really affordable. I tried provide pictures and explain each portion of the office makeover separately, but if you have any questions message me or leave a comment below! Always happy to help out a fellow DIY victim.

If you have any tips you think I can use – I want ’em!



Filing Cabinet:

My “pièce de résistance” in this whole shebang. A clean and tidy way to deal with the aforementioned legal files. I went to Staples and grabbed some plastic legal file boxes, which I measured, and then compared to the depth of a few Ikea cabinets I liked. The Brimnes cabinet for $99 was the best fit! I glammed it up by replacing the standard wood handles with these kitchen pulls I spray painted gold, and now I am so happy with our filing cabinet I sometimes go into the office just to look at it. The doors don’t sit quite flush, which is super annoying, but it’s on Hubs’ list of things to fix.


My Workspace:

I did some brainstorming about what I wanted this office makeover to achieve for me. Since I do my blog posts at my desk, I needed it super clean – a quality I find inspiring in a space, and that boosts my creativity. I grabbed these office basics from Ikea’s Dokument line and gave them a nice coat of gold spray paint in my garage. My command centre is the Skurar noticeboard. I taped off the edges so I could sponge on the paint for an antiqued look that ties the office together.

We bought these desks when we moved to fit the strange shape of the room – they are the Brusali in white. I went and bought a bunch of these storage boxes so I can keep everything out of site. One of my favourite things is my desk chair. I had wanted this one from Structube for our dining chairs originally when we moved in, but Hubs wasn’t a fan. In order to match his desk chair (a large monstrosity that is good for his back) I needed something black – so I took advantage. Isn’t it the coolest?



Light Fixture:

Boob lights. Yuck. I know our light before wasn’t quite a true boob, but I still wanted to give it a refresh. So I took a hacksaw to the Nymo drum shade, making enough room to tuck each of the four pieces under the glass of the existing fixture (see middle picture below). That way, I got an oversize drum on the ceiling without having to buy a massive (and really expensive) flush mount. It’s such an easy hack, and honestly looks good from below as well.



This wasn’t in terrible shape, but it needed merchandising. Ikea’s Fjalla boxes are so great, I picked up a few in blue as well as some file folders. Mixed in with our favourite books and travel mementos it’s become a nice, sentimental spot in our office. I also bought a really cool brass bin to keep my wrapping paper in check.


That’s it! All in a (very tiring) weekend’s work. Let me know what you think!





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