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All Black with Gold Accents

People who know me well know I have a thing for gold. Check out my recent office makeoverfor example. It not only makes an appearance in my wardrobe, but it’s a pretty large component of our home. It’s metallics really: yellow or rose gold, copper, brass… it makes everything look glam – which I like. I also really enjoy adding interest to an all black outfit with pops of colour for contrast, or in this case metallics for contrast via gold Nike sneakers.

These shoes were a custom design from NIKEiD after seeing a pair of gold Air Maxes on Pinterest. I couldn’t stop thinking about how badly I needed a pair of gold sneakers in my life, and after not being able to find them anywhere I found myself on the NIKEiD site. At the time, delivery wasn’t available to Canada, so a friend and I purchased shoes and had shoes sent to her home in Florida (her husband was kind enough to trek them up to us in Canada). About two months later NikeID made delivery available to the great white tundra. Lack of delivery is the most annoying struggle for Canadian shoppers everywhere.

Another Canadian struggle? Finicky weather. Not trying to sound like a cliche here, but it’s actually been true this summer. It’s been stinking hot one minute, and hailing the next – so layers are key. Now, leather may not be the most practical material for the aforementioned hail, but this Mackage beauty has been an all-time favourite piece for it’s versatility.

I’ve got a real tendency to wear all black, so it’s fun to play with accessories.

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