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Transitional Dressing

transitional dressing

transitional dressing

I’m trying to soak up every last ounce of summer, but I’m also really really really excited for fall. Cozy sweaters, luxe colours and fabrics; it’s my favourite season for fashion. That said, it’s still pretty nice out so transitional dressing it is!

This skirt was a crazy random find from Abercrombie. I am not kidding here. I wandered in looking for jean shorts (which, p.s., they have awesome selection), and this skirt was hanging there saying my name. It’s such a good length for work, but is half-lined so isn’t too heavy for the bipolar weather that September brings in Calgary. It’s also a really high quality lace that is cut well. I find with lace that when you spend less money the seams don’t line up properly for the pattern, or they pucker and it looks cheap, so I always inspect really carefully- this one passes the tests. Flying colours.

All the fall styles are arriving and I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’ve already made my list of key pieces and it continues to grow. I’ll share more so stay tuned!

What are your tips for transitioning to fall?






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