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Unexpected Layers

One of the best things about cooler weather is getting to play with layers! Living in Calgary, where the weather is known to change on a dime, calls for a seasonless wardrobe in my opinion. So I like to try new ways to get more mileage out of my ‘summer’ items, like this sequin jacket. Putting a long cardigan underneath with a scarf and a rich texture like velvet makes it feel more like fall.

The trick to making a layered outfit look intentional instead of sloppy? Using scarves or the base layer of the outfit (t-shirt for example) to act as the mid-length of the whole look. It helps tie all the different lengths together and makes it feel cohesive.

I’d love to know what you think! What are your tricks for layering?



alexander-mcqueen layeringvelvet-boots sequins-and-velvet

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