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Taking Time for Self Reflection

After almost a full year of going non-stop, hubs and I have a window of a few weeks with nothing major going on. We are staying in, watching movies, skiing as much as a possible and focusing on health. This past year has been incredibly fun with weddings, monumental birthdays and epic trips, but we are really enjoying our little window of quiet. That said, it’s sometimes hard for me to slow myself down (I’m one of those people that’s more productive when I am busy) so I’ve been using an easy, five minute journaling technique to recognize patterns in my life and really pinpoint the things that make me happiest! AKA what I need to make more time for in my life.

Each day I take a minute and write down:

  1. My least favourite part of the day
  2. My favourite part of the day
  3. Something I’ve learned

Writing down what I enjoy the most and the least helps me recognize things that I find rewarding, that way I can add more of those happy moments into my life! Taking time to identify something new I’ve learned each day has also been really interesting for me. Sometimes it’s something minor (like a new Netflix show), but other days it can be something really big and important. It’s so positive to remind myself that I really do grow and learn each day.

What do you think? Would you give this a try? I’ve been using the Commit 30 Journal and it’s been great. It’s got room to set monthly challenges and reflect on them, has space for daily goals, work and life lists, and monthly inspirational quotes. For someone like me that is new to journaling it’s been the perfect tool.

Let me know what you think in the comments!



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