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Why You Should Try Cupping

Remember when Jennifer Aniston showed up at a red carpet event with big, circular bruises all over her back from ‘cupping’? I do, and I remember thinking: “What the hell, Jen? What a weird-ass thing to do before a red carpet where you are going strapless…”. I chalked it up to a celeb fad and that was that. Flash forward three years and I am a total cupping convert!

Cupping is a Chinese alternative therapy that’s supposed to have a whole host of benefits: improved digestion, better immunity, fixing respiratory issues, blah blah the list goes on. Choose to subscribe to that or not, the real benefit is what is does for your muscles! Think of it as an inverse massage. Instead of applying pressure to muscles, the cups pull all the tiny micro-facia, tissue, and muscles up to relieve tension. It also gets the blood flowing into the tissues. I get a really tight upper back and after a massage that incorporates cupping I feel lasting relief.

It may look (really) bad, but it feels oh so good.

Would you give it a try? Contact me if you have any questions or want to know where I go!



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