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I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions (why wait for a new year to set a goal?), but I guess considering the timing this could count!

Now that we are back from our epic European ski trip we are hunkering down and getting things done around the house; and for me that also means tidying up my wardrobe and getting rid of things I don’t wear. It occurred to me that I don’t really know what doesn’t get worn because I am a creature of habit and have my favourites that I turn to time and time again – not that there is anything wrong with that since a wardrobe full of basics can rotate endlessly. That said, I often find gems I’ve forgotten about in my wardrobe, and I certainly keep pieces that I love and just don’t wear enough. I think challenging myself to wear new things from my wardrobe for a month will be fun and my wallet will definitely thank me!

So starting today for the next month all wardrobe planning and outfits will be shopped from my own closet. Woo! The goal is to pull out new pieces each week and try not to repeat. And now that I’ve put it on the internet I’ve got people holding me accountable so thanks in advance.





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