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Acrylic Cage Handbags

So no doubt you saw straw/bamboo/rattan handbags everywhere last summer. I had a straw tote on my Summer Must-Haves list last year because of how practical and effortlessly stylish they are. There were also the more structural iterations; literal baskets as handbags (very Jane Birkin), and of course the ultimate version from Cult Gaia with their Arc bags – love! So perfectly classy, retro, and cool.

Lately I’ve been seeing an even cooler (if that is possible) style emerging – the structural, cage/basket bag in mother of pearl, acrylic and plastic.

Definitely going to snap one of these babies up for Spring/Summer ’18!

What do you think?




clockwise from top left: Cult Gaia, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Zara