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The Perfect Fall Blazer

If you read my post on Fall Must-Haves, then you might know I was on the hunt for the perfect blazer in a neutral plaid. The look I wanted was a plain pattern, clean lines, and a boxier fit.…

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Lug Sole Heeled Boots

Okay, so lug soles aren’t exactly new. The trend popped up a few years ago adding a tough-chic vibe to footwear, but it wasn’t until I saw more recent iterations on boots that I really got on board. (Thanks…

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Red & Checked

So… the weather in Calgary is bipolar. Earlier this week (legitimately two days ago) it was stinking hot, and today? Windy, rainy and definitely feeling like fall. However, as someone who thoroughly enjoys cold-weather clothing I am seizing this…

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Fall Must-Haves

I’ve been holding back sharing my favourite trends for next season. Why? So I could avoid being that super annoying person talking about how much they love fall. I do, but no one wants to hear that at the…

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Embroidered Tulle

Holy, I haven’t posted in awhile.. yikes. Summer has been beyond busy and beyond fun, and evidently made me a slacker. I didn’t even do a post on our holiday at the lake, which I am realizing now. I…

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Celebrating Milestones

At the beginning of this month Style Fixation turned one year old, and what a year it has been! I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself, but it has grown to be much more than that.…