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My Current Beauty MVPs


Let me just lay something out on the table: I LOVE beauty products but I’m no expert. I wish I was able to replicate some of those amazing makeup looks you see on Instagram, but I lack the skills required. So that is the bad news. The good news is that my lack of skills means that when I find a product I like it means it’s actually good! Like idiot-proof good!

I love trying new products but if I can’t make it work I move on (flashback to this morning when I tried to use a new liquid liner and made a total mess of my face. RIP new liner). These are products I’ve tried in the last month and am now fully obsessed with because they are easy and they actually do what they promise.

Here are my 5 current faves in no particular order.

Let me know what you think!




Living Proof PHD dry shampoo

This stuff is a godsend! I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, and fine hair likes to show oil quickly. I used to only be able to last through second-day hair before I caved and washed it again, but with this I can go three or four.

This product doesn’t just add grit and mask oiliness, it actually cleans your hair. I kid you not. I picked up this trial size at Sephora and couldn’t even wait to get the big one before sharing how much I love it.


Carron Matte Lipstick

My new favourite lipstick brand! Carron Cosmetics runs out of the UK, and produces cruelty-free, natural makeup. I remember reading once that the average woman eats a tube and a half of lipstick per year so when it comes to lipstick: the more natural the ingredients the better.

Even more than the ingredients, the matte formula has serious staying power without drying. I love Nars matte lipsticks and this formula works even better for me.

I’ve partnered with Carron Cosmetics to offer a limited-time discount of 25% off their products! Valid until December 31st, 2017.

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Stocking stuffers anyone?


Pixi Mascara

I tried this drugstore buy after seeing it in Shopper’s with a friend (I linked to the Pixi site, but Target carries it also). My friend saw Pixi in a magazine and we wanted to try it out. The brand is all about beneficial ingredients that bring out natural beauty. I picked up the Large Lash Mascara (because if I could have only one beauty item ever again it would be mascara) and it’s amazing!

My lashes are healthier, have grown longer, and it lasts all day but comes off easily at night. Two thumbs way up.


Ouai Wave Spray

I love this stuff! Due to the aforementioned fine hair, I find it hard to get the texture I want. Enter Ouai. Trust the hairstylist to the Kardashians to invent a hair product for that perfectly-tousled texture. I wear my hair straight as often as curled, and I find this totally helps either way to add some oomph. Best part is you get texture without dry, crunchy grossness. It’s light as air and smells amazing.


SunnaTan Colour Me Dark

You 100% wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I am a self-tanner addict. Legit. The reality is that if I didn’t use tanner I would be see-through instead of just pale. (I blame my English/Irish roots).

This stuff is amazing! The colour is so natural; it’s the best formula I’ve tried and I have tried them all. Best part is the ingredients are all natural and chemical-free. I mix a little into my face and body lotions daily, and do a proper application with the mitt before events where I want some colour. Seriously obsessed.